Ivy Vine Leaf car stickers

ID# Fleavine

Ivy Leaves - single sheet vinyl car stickers.

I make these leaf stickers in 3 sizes

tiny ivy leaf vinyl car sticker window decal black.jpg TINY 17 leaves , 40mm, 30mm, 20mm and 16mm in size, shown in black

hippy motors ivy vine leaves car stickers decals vib.jpg MEDIUM 28 leaves, sizes of the leaves varies from 3cm to 6cm, shown in vibrant green.

vine leaves car stickers camper van decals window transfers LARGE 28 in total, sizes of the leaves varies from 4cm to 8cm, shown in spring green.

hippy motors ivy leaf car sticker decal trio.jpgYou can layer the leaves on top of each other to get 3 colour effects 


ProductsOur Price
TINY ivy leaf stickers£ 1.75
MEDIUM ivy leaf stickers£ 3.50
LARGE ivy leaf stickers£ 5.00

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