How we make stickers

This is out of date now but we love it so much we won't update it.

First of all we buy the finest vinyl and it gets dropped off at Hippy HQ


The workers offload it and take it into our industrial facility. Sometimes our workers will be dressed as cats, pirates or a number of superheroes.

After you place an order (we don’t hold stock) our machine cuts our exclusive designs just for you.

The sheets are ‘weeded’ by hand which means we peel away the bits you don’t need.

If required, a worker will trim the sticker.

If required, it will have a layer of application tape put over it.


The order is then compiled with instructions and compliment slip. Then addressed and sealed.

Then it’s dispatched. A specialist courier team, exclusive to Hippy Motors, are used.

Their vehicles are specially adapted for carrying cargo at high speed on the pavement to avoid traffic congestion.

Our couriers then make the Post before the 5:30 deadline. Phew! posting.jpg

Impressive but it’s just another day for the Hippy Motors team.