Hippy daisy flower car sticker

ID# hugeu

This wonderfully hippy daisy flower car sticker comes as separate petals and center for you to arrange how you like.

You get a choice of 3 sizes

hippy style daisy vinyl car sticker camper van decal orange.jpgSMALL - 189mm diameter, shown here in orange and honey

hippy style daisy car sticker caravan decal red.jpgLARGE - 270mm diameter, shown here in red and orange, POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size

hippy style daisy flower car graphics sticker blue.jpgHUGE  - This is a single flower 700mm diameter (27"), shown here in sky blue and fuchsia POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size

colour of petals    colour of flower center   

ProductsOur Price
SMALL hippy daisy£ 3.50
LARGE hippy daisy (oversized postage)£ 5.00
HUGE hippy daisy (oversized postage)£ 12.00

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