Hippy Motors Convoy

Unfortunately we are not hosting a convoy for 2019 due to our daughter doing her GCSEs, but hopefully we will organise something in the future.

In June 2014 we did the forth CONVOY OF HIPPY WAGONS! and smashed the world record for flowery wagons travelling in convoy. We had two convoys that met at Chipping Norton where we set up camp and had a great time. It was great to drive in convoy but even better to meet up with some customers and make friends. It was covered in newspapers and BBC radio! It started off on our FACEBOOK. 2014 was fantastic and if you want to come this year reserve your spot by booking your place.  So come on and join our CONVOY and if one is not coming from your area then arrange your own.

hippy motors convoy fire singing.JPGhippy motors convoy row of flowery camper vans.JPG

Campfire singing with Jamie Whelligan and a row of Hippy Motors flowery camper vans. 

hippy motors convoy love peace festival.jpg 

Our Vardo bow top gypsy caravan, Maori war canoe and flower hippy car. What we call the ultimate combo.