Hippy Driver car stcker

ID# Hippdriver

Designed my my good pal Steve, we loved it from the moment he showed it to us when we had our first attempt at a website back in 2002 and he's our much loved trade mark and as close to a brand as we get. So now you can get your own.

You get a few size options...

big bippy driver car sticker decal transfer.jpgSmall 140mm long and 100mm high, shown here in elecric blue.

hippy motors logo hippy driver car sticker.jpgBig 270mm long x 190mm high, shown in orange

hippy motors logo hippy driver dude car window bumper sticker purple.jpgGiant 380mm high x 270mm high, shown in purple (needs 'oversized' P&P at checkout)

Just select the colour you want and the direction of travel.

Comes with an application tape to make putting it on easy (even a hippy could do it).

Colour    Direction   

ProductsOur Price
Small Hippy Driver£ 2.00
Big Hippy Driver£ 4.00
Giant Hippy Driver£ 7.00

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