Hibiscus car stickers

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Hawaiian Hibiscus flower car stickers, designed by Hippy Motors for that special Hawaiian surfy feel.  Please watch the video below, it shows how to put hibiscus flower stickers onto your car/campervan.


You also get a choice of the following 5 sizes:

tinyhibiscusorange.jpg TINY - 7 flowers 40mm in size., shown here in orange

hippy motors hibiscus car sticker camper van decal purple.jpg SMALL - 11 flowers, 4@80mm, 6@ 50mm, 1@40mm, shown here in purple

hippy motors hibiscus vinyl VW car camper van decals stickers blue.jpg MEDIUM - 8 flowers, 2@100mm, 3@ 90mm, 1 @60mm, 2@20mm shown here in sky blue

hippy motors hibiscus vinyl camper van decals car stickers green large.jpg LARGE - 5 flowers, 1@186mm, 1@100mm, 1@80mm 2@40mm shown in vibrant green

 giant big hibiscus vinyl car sticker camper van transfer BIGGEST hibiscus car sticker, this is a big flower 331mmx271mm and 2 @50mm



ProductsOur Price
1 strip of TINY hibiscus flowers£ 1.50
1 sheet of SMALL hibiscus flowers£ 4.00
1 sheet of MEDIUM hibiscus flowers£ 4.00
1 sheet of LARGE hibiscus flowers£ 4.00
BIGGEST hibiscus sticker£ 5.00
3 sheets of SMALL hibiscus stickers£ 10.00
3 sheets of MEDIUM hibiscus stickers£ 10.00
3 sheets of LARGE hibiscus stickers£ 10.00
3 sheets of MIXED - SMALL/MED/LARGE hibiscus stickers£ 10.00

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