Hand print car stickers

ID# 5hands

Hand print vinyl car stickers. Mucky hand print car stickers.  I don't need stickers for this effect, I have the real thing all over the house, and strangely enough, no matter how many times I clean them off, they just re-appear!

You have 3 options:-

hand print car stickers decals hippy motors orange.jpgSmall - each hand print is 120mmx110mm and you get a pair of them. Shown in orange 

hand print car stickers decals hippy motors pink.jpgBIG hand prints (pair) that's 220mmx200mm each hand. Shown in fuchsia pink.

If you really want to go for it then we have an option of buying BARGAIN 5 pairs of smaller hands for the price of 4.

Colour 1   

ProductsOur Price
small Hand print pair£ 2.50
Big hand pair£ 5.00
5 pairs of hand prints£ 10.00

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