Grass strip car stickers

ID# grass

Grass strip car stickers.

We make these in 2 sizes

hippy motors grass car sticker cmaper van decal caravan transfer.jpgSMALL - Total 500mm long 2 strips of 250mm x 66mm so you can piece them together, shown here in dark green

grass strip car sticker decal transfer by Hippymotors in spring green 2.jpgMEDIUM - Total 1m long 2 strips of 500mm x 135mm so you piece them together, shown here in spring green POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size, as I need to send it in a tube.


ProductsOur Price
SMALL 500mm strip of grass£ 2.50
MEDIUM 1 metre of grass£ 6.00