Goddess car sticker

ID# Goddess3

The goddess car sticker with waxing and waning moon.  Bringer of  light, love  and wisdom. The force that binds us with the universe.
She comes in four sizes tiny, small, big and biggest.
black goddess car sticker, tiny bicycle decal Tiny goddess is 40mm x 50mm, shown here in black
green goddess car sticker, tiny bicycle decalSmall Goddess is 134mmX162mm, shown here in spring green
big goddess vinyl car camper van sticker blue.jpgLarge Goddess is 267mmX220mm, shown here in sky blue
giantgoddess.JPG  Biggest Goddess is an impressive 350X280mm with a few more decorative swirls than the smaller versions. Please select OVERSIZED for postage for this size


ProductsOur Price
tiny goddess£ 0.50
Small Goddess£ 2.50
Large Goddess£ 4.00
Biggest Goddess£ 7.00

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