Footprint car stickers

ID# feet

Footprints in the sand, a lovely poem by Mary Stevenson. Footprints on my car, well not quite as poetic, and most likely to be the kids!

You can have:

feet car sticker decals hippy motors blue.jpg1 pair of SMALL footprints, each foot is 140mm x 60mm.

feet car sticker decals hippy motors orange 2.jpgOr 1 pair of BIG footprints each foot is 195mm x 90mm in size.

Or, if you really want to go for it, order the Bargain 6 pairs of small feet for a bit cheaper. 


ProductsOur Price
SMALL Feet prints (pair)£ 2.00
BIG feet print (pair)£ 3.50
6 pairs of SMALL foot prints£ 10.00

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