Flower Sun Strip window stickers

ID# Sunfab

Flower sunstrip window car stickers. These look AMAZING in the sunlight. You will love them.

This is a 3 sheet set of flowery window stickers that will do a medium/small car. If you have a big car or van you may want more sheets so please buy the set of 3 and add single sheets afterwards. To buy a single sheet just follow the link in the 'Related Products' below.

Easy to apply, you arrange the flowers how you want to get the effect you want, using soapy water. Each flower is between 25mm and 55mm, and there are 70 flower window decals per sheet. I have used red, blue and yellow in the flowery sun visor below.

Colour 1    Colour 2    Colour 3   

ProductsOur Price
3 sheets flower sunstrip£ 11.00

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