Dandelion Fairy decal

ID# Dandfairy

This is Dandy, a fairy that loves to play with Dandelion clocks in the wind even if it does mess her hair and wings.

With each fairy you get some dandelion seeds that you can add to it yourself but if you want to make an even larger impact and display then we also do strips of additional seeds so you can do something like in the second picture.You can get matching Dandelion seeds to spread over the motor by adding additional seeds to your order. Small set has 39 seeds, Large 36 seeds and the giant seed sheet has 40 seeds on it. Just cut the sheets up and creat your own seed trail blowing down your motor away from the dandelion clock.

This has been inspired by the wonderful sculptures by Robin Wight. You can see his work at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire or on his website www.fantasywire.co.uk

Ok I may have been a little more than inspired but his work is gorgeous.

You get three choices in sizes

dandalion fairy.jpgSmall being 270mm wide 175mm high Comes with 13 seeds, shown here in turquoise

dandelion fairy hippy motors.jpgLarge being 370mm wide 240mm high, shown here in fuchsia pink (will need our OVERSIZED P&P) comes with 13 seeds

dandelion fairy car sticker decal lilac hippy motors.jpgGiant  being 430mm wide by 270mm high, shown here in lilac (will need our OVERSIZED P&P) comes with 18 seeds

Colour    direction   

ProductsStockOur Price
Small Dandelion Fairy916£ 4.50
Large Dandelion Fairy (oversized P&P)956£ 6.00
Giant Dandelion Fairy (oversized P&P)965£ 8.00
Dandelion Small SEEDS ONLY949£ 2.00
Dandelion Large SEEDS ONLY973£ 2.00
Dandelion Giant SEEDS ONLY979£ 2.50

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