Dandelion Clock car campervan sticker

ID# dand

Dandelion clock car sticker, elegant and fragile.  This image would look beautiful on its own or as an arrangement.

This dandelion comes in 4 sizes;

 dandelion flower clock car sticker hippymotors purple.jpg small, 215mm x 79mm, this one shows purple facing left

dandelion flower clock car sticker hippymotors violet2.jpg large, 228mm x 169mm, shown here in violet facing right

dandelion flower clock car sticker hippymotors white.jpggiant, 272mm x 199mm, shown here in white facing right.

and we make a HUGE dandelion clock at 360mm x 268mm , please select OVERSIZED postage, if you buy this size.

You can get matching Dandelion seeds to spread over the motor by adding additional seeds to your order. Small set has 39 seeds, Large 36 seeds and the giant seed sheet has 40 seeds on it. Just cut the sheets up and creat your own seed trail blowing down your motor away from the dandelion clock.

Colour    direction   

ProductsStockOur Price
small dandelion clock939£ 2.50
large dandelion clock958£ 3.50
giant dandelion clock981£ 4.50
Huge dandelion clock (oversized P&P)990£ 6.00
Small dandelion SEEDS only988£ 2.00
Large dandelion SEEDS only982£ 2.00
Giant danelion SEEDS only981£ 2.50

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