Colour Chart and font guide

Colours are really tough to decide on so PLEASE ASK IF YOU WANT US TO SEND YOU FREE COLOUR SWATCHES IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT COLOURS. Just message us via our contact page with your address and we'll send you some.

It's so very hard to illustrate the colours as each computer monitor is different, but this is our best shot. Please check the customer photos , as they show the colours against different backgrounds, which helps.

The reason we offer a free service is because, if you do not like the colour you have ordered, it is up to us if we replace without an additional cost to you, as we often can't re-sell sheets you send back to us.

All the vinyl we use is high grade 7 year commercial car vinyl. The colour will fade over time and different colours fade at different rates. Black & white: 8 years, colours: 7 years, silver & gold: 4 years & electric blue: 4 years. For more detail on vinyl colour fastness please go here.


Here are some of the fonts we can make for your custom names and banners 

Custom Font Guide