Checks with hibiscus car sticker graphics

ID# check

The classic racer checks with hibiscus flowers just bursting to come out.  I love these.

hippy motors hibiscus check stripe car sticker camper van decal.jpg

700mm long and 180mm wide at one end expanding to a maximum of 220mm wide the other end, shown here in sky blue.

We also give you the option to buy 1 metre lengths of PLAIN checks to match. 

Please watch the video to show you how to put them on

Please select OVERSIZED for the postage 


ProductsOur Price
HIBISCUS checks (oversized P&P)£ 13.00
1 meter of matching PLAIN h checks - no hibiscus (oversized P&P)£ 10.00
500mm of matching PLAIN h checks- no hibiscus (oversized P&P)£ 7.00

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