Checks to butterfly car sticker graphics

ID# checkB

The classic racer checks with butterflies just bursting to come out.  I love these on our Bongo Van.

butterfly checks.jpgbutterfly check chequered car sticker decal camper van transfer green.jpg

This strip is 815mm long and 255mm wide. These can be joined up with our 'One Race The Human Race' decal and our 'Checks to Hearts' decals to create one long and great social message and decoration (like the last image of our van).

plain check chequered car sticker decal camper van transfer green.jpgYou can buy an aditionnal strip of 473mm of plain checks or 1 metre length of plain checks.

These can go either way as the butterlies don't look wrong if placed facing upside down.

Please watch the video to show you how to put them on

Please select OVERSIZED for the postage 


ProductsStockOur Price
Butterfly checks (oversized P&P)989£ 13.00
473mm of plain b checks (oversized P&P)999£ 7.00
1 metre of plain b checks (oversized P&P)996£ 10.00

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