Customer photos of our car stickers, unique caravan stickers and VW camper van decals

Remember this my friends...your compulsion to decorate your car or van may seem mad to some people but YOU'RE NOT ALONE!
Please send us pictures of your works of art and we may be able to include it in our wonderful display.
You can upload pictures via our FACEBOOK page or email us (the address is on the card in the order). It may take me a while to reply or put them on the website, as I have to fit this in amongst making all the orders : ))
daisy car decals stickers hippymotors blue car.jpg 
Fab daisy flower car decals stickers perfect for caravans and campervans too.
suzuki splash flower car decals stickers hippymotors.jpg
braving drizzle and cold, this car has had an amazing flowery transformation : ))) 
leaping hares and stars caravan club decals stickers transfers by hippy motors.jpg
leaping hares and stars make this caravan look amazing : )))
crazy daisy decals car stickers by hippy motors orange and white.jpg 
crazy daisy car decals stickers just transform your car : ))) 
scooter flower sticker decals transfers by hippy motorsbike scooter flower decal stickers transfers by hippy motors
fab, funky, scooter flower decal stickers, perfect for touring around in the sun.
flowery caravan leaves hares fairy stickers spiritual decals hippy motorsgaia ivy leaves hippy motors car stickers decals
Linda's amazing caravan, tastefully decorated inside and out, full of flowers, hares, leaves, faries, butterflies and so much more xxxx
midge sun eclipse triskel car stickers star decals hippy motorsmidge star and flower snow flake car stickers decals hippy motors
The beautiful Midge, may he rest in peace, this photo is to show him resplendant in stars, triskels and sun moon eclipse and so many flowers :)))
hippy motors camper van flower butterflies stickers decals klimt curls
This FAB camper van used klimt curls, smiley mixed bed flowers, and mixed bed butterflies to get this amazing effect.
hippy motors flower power car stickers beach flower vinyl.jpghippy motors dog in camper van daisy sticker.jpg
Woolacombe beach Devon. perfect setting for our daisy car stickers.
wedding day bride flower car stickers decals hippy motors.jpg
A gorgeous wedding day photo, showing Leanne's  Happy-Hippy Wedding Day.
hippy camper van  VW westfalia flower peace love stickers.jpghippy camper van westfalia VW flower peace love stickers.jpg
Stephen has hippied up his Westfalia and made it into a work of art : ))
hippy motors flower power vinyl car stickers decals VW beetle transfers.jpgVW beetle flower car stickers hippy camper van decals hippy motors photo booth.jpg 
Gabby has made the most beautiful work of art with our flowery make-over pack, to decorate her VW for her photo booth business                                 
Hippy motors 2CV citroen sccoby doo machine.jpgHippy motors 2CV car stickers decals funky graphics.jpg 
Scooby Doo mania : )), this gorgeous little 2CV is on her way to the french 2cv national in la Rochelle. I wonder how you would ask for scooby snax in French?
huge daisy van camper van car caravn sticker decal.JPG
What a perfect camping scene, fire, lake, family and a good stock of booze : ))
zebera stripes land rover stickers decals camper van transfers.jpg
A fantastic job made of this Land Rover, it is now completely camouflaged amongst the Norwegian zebras : ))) 
hippy motors fab cool car stickers VW camper van flower decals Cecelia.jpghippy motors fab groovy car camper van stickers decals Celia.jpg

Cecilia's amazing flower creation has caused many smiles, and has such a positive impact on everyone.   
hippy motors funky scooby doo flowers car sticker decals green orange.jpghippy motors funky scooby doo flower car stickers decals green orange.jpg
Love the green wheels : )) perfect with the scooby doo flowers
hippie hippy citroen 2CV flower car stickers decals graphicshippie hippy citroen 2CV flower car stickers decals

I love the 2 CV, and flowery CVs are the ultimate ride, Ole from Norway has done a 'grand job' using the total smurf

giant hippy daisy flower sticker decalgiant hippy daisy flower sticker decal
Huge Hippy Daisy flower car stickers, ideal for caravans and camper vans too : )) 
3 Hippy Funky flower power vehicles by Hippy motors 
Nigel, Nev and Julie, 3 friends made through our hippy stickers, you can tell my friends a mile off!      
smurf poo Hippy motors car VW camper van flower stickerssmurf poo Hippy motors car VW camper van flower sticke

Look close to see the doggy doo addition to the decorating. Well done Smurf on the wiper blade attachment. Andrew & Cayte did well too, in fact its outstanding. Fab VW camper van stickers.

hippie flowery VW camper flower sticker vinyl graphics.jpg

Sofia from Venice Italy has flowered up her beautiful VW camper with our hippie vinyl stickers for her wedding :))). She has used honey and white gerbera flower car stickers, white daisy flowers van transfers, sunflower car stickers, U change vinyl decals

hippymotors flowery car stickershippy motors flowery butterfly car stickers decals

Pandarina, the belle of Homfirth, decorated by mum and 7 year old daughter, who obviously have the knack! The sickers for this beautiful car features can be found on this page Flowery makeover

hippy motors vinyl airplane aircraft decals stickers graphics.JPG

hippy motors airplane aircraft stickers .  Come on British Airways, be inspired : )). 

creeper vine flower bee dragonfly stickercurly vine decal hippy motors

Emma's created a curly, creepy creature collection on her car! Please see what she used on this page Emma's creature garden

 Rolls Royce vinyl graphics hippy motors John Lennon flower stickers.jpghippy motors flower rolls royce stickers decals.jpg

hippy motors first flowery Peace and Love Rolls Royce.  Makes me think of John Lenon's hippy roller : ))

smart car poppy flower vinyl car graphic stickerssmart car poppy flower stickers decal hippy motors

A smart little poppy car, if you want a similar look please visit Smart Poppy special

hippy motors mini cooper flower car stickers decals hippy motors mini flower car stickers decals

A Classic 60's Mini with flowers. We love it Rachel. 

hippy happy hibiscus special bargain car stickers hippy hibiscus car stickers decals

Gorgeous hipped up hibiscus Toyota, if you want a similar look please visit Hippy Hibiscus special                                                                         

sooty and sweep vinyl car stickers camper van decals window transferssooty vinyl car decal transfer sticker campervan

Sooty, Sweep and Soo vinyl car stickers joy riding Hippy Motors style : ))) 

hippy motors mad crazy daisy car stickers transfers  hippy motors mad crazy daisy car stickers transfers

Flora Pandora, the most amazingly fantastic, fabulous feast of funky flower car stickers! She puts my car to shame.

VW beetle graphics wizz flower transfer brill funky car stickers VW beetle graphics witch car sticker transfer decal

I want to swap cars! This is so wonderful, Russell used the wizz bang special car decals and a little witch car transfer showering the world in flowers, love and light.

vespa scooter daisy flower vinyl car stickers butterfly decals flower transfersbeautiful hippie vespa scooter daisy flower vinyl car stickers girly butterfly vinyl decals flower transfers

Beautiful, hippy, flowery scooter from the USA : ))) Catherine has decorated this beautifully using butterfly car stickers, with small mixed flower car stickers, and curly stem car stickers, 

daisy flower vinyl car stickers decals toyota hippy motorshippy daisy flower power toyota vinyl car stickers>

The wonderful Yonathon and Masha from YM Films have covered their fab daisymobile in daisy car stickers and BIG daisy car transfer stickers

Hippy motors funky happy car stickers cool flower decals.jpg 

Bobo, The funkiest car in town xxx   

beautiful Toyota vinyl flower stickers hippy flower decalsbeautiful Toyota vinyl flower fairy vinyl car stickers hippy flower decals

Jodie in Australia has filled her Toyota car with beautiful turbo vinyl flower car stickers

pac man vinyl car stickers Pacman campervan decals caravan transfers Hippy motors

Dave has made his car look amazing with the our pacman vinyl car stickers

scooby doo flower vinyl car stickers hippy camper van decals caravan transfers Hippy motors

Wendy drives with a big smile on her face now she has scoobified her car with the our scooby flower vinyl car stickers

wizz flower vinyl car stickers campervan decals caravan transfers Hippy motorswizz flower vinyl car stickers not all who wander lord of the rings camper van decals caravan transfers Hippy motors

Gabriel has made this camper truly incredible with our wizz flower vinyl car camper van stickers

zebra stripe bmw bike vinyl decals stickersBMW motor bike zebra stripes stickers decals

Mick, from down under, has covered his BMW motorbike with zebra car stickers he has to be careful that none of the Aussie lions chase him through the outback!

VW camper van hippy flowery funky groovy decals designs stickers transfersVW campervan hippie flowers and peace vinyl car stickers transfers decals

Birgit and Rob, from the Netherlands, have made this VW camper van unbelievably bright, fab and funky with so many different vinyl stickers including the total smurf package

scooby doo mystery machine vinyl car stickers hippy motors

Charotte has transformed her bus into a fab and funky Scooby Doo Mystery Machine : )) She has used a Giant Mystery Machine adorned with mixed bed flowers and butterflies and lots of scooby dooby doo flowers

VW beetle daisy flower vinyl car sticker

Hazel has turned her VW beetle into a work of art, if you want a similar look please visit Completely crazy Daisy

gecko vinyl car sticker decal transfer funky black scooter.jpg

A fab scooter, with added funky little passengers. family of gecko vinyl car stickers and  tiny splat vinyl car stickers

motorbike flower hippy decals stickers motorbike flower hippy decals stickers

Fantastic hippy motobike. Bright and beautiful.

hippy motorsflower and heart car fiesta stickers hippy motors ivy vine car fiesta stickers

A Fiesta in the true sense of the word. Gorgeous!

lilian arty van stickers hippy wagon lilian arty van stickers hippy wagon  

Very arty photo of Lilian's van, which just about has every sticker we have ever designed on it!

hippie wagon vinyl decals flowers and peace.jpg

A wonderful flowery Hippie VW Campervan, full of adventure and covered in hippy flower decals found on this page total smurf vinyl car sticker kit

hare and poppy decals poppies car stickers hippy motors.jpg

Hilary has turned her door into a work of art! She has used poppies with a large moon gazing hare with a moon and a greenman just stunning.

hippy motors curly creature decals vine dragonfly stickers

Hilary has beautifully decorated her van with Emma's creature garden

fairy kiss car sticker transfer flower vinyl VW

A big beautiful Fairy Kiss car sticker, blowing lots of flowers and magic love dust : )) 

hippy motors mixed flower car stickers 

Wonderful George from Sounskrit has happily been our guinea pig and tried out some of our stickers for us, namaste x

 flower vine decal birds flower car VW camper van stickers

Ruth has has used two humming bird vines on her bonnet to get this wonderful effect

Lazy Daisy motorbike decals flower stickers

“Lazy Daisy”! 2000 mod Sportster Bobber, beautifully decorated by Brigitte in Norway.

groovy truck VW fab camper van hippy wagon car stickers

Morten from Denmark is lovin' this hippie groove.

Nigel Ruth Love van wagon hippy bus stickers

Nigel's Happy Van, covered in just about every kind of peace and loving car sticker we do. It even plays animal noises on loudspeaker!

hippy steam punk wagon

Craig's hippy Steam punk wagon. Please look at this page to see what he used STEAM PUNK

bee car camper van window stickers decalsbig bee car sticker window decal

Lottie loves the lovely little flowers and bees on mum's little Ka.

funky hippie van flower peace and love graphics stickersfunky hippie van flower peace and love graphics stickers

Dave's funky Hippie van covered in colourful vinyl transfers. 

rubber duck car stickers vinyl camper van decals

Just the most amazing 'Duck Mobile' in the world! This is covered in rainbow decals, and duck stickers.

julie balmer flower vine car stickers julie balmer flower vine car stickers

Jules is an outstanding car, covered in giant mixed bed vine stickers, which just look terrific.

beautiful daisy car stickers decals transfers beautiful daisy taxi car stickers decals transfers

Daisy the beautiful blue taxi, parked outside a very posh house! Joel put all the flowers on himself, well done! a true flower child. Daisy is decorated using white daisy flowers car stickers

VW beetle fab hippy flower car stickers butterfly decals transfers

Catherine's beautiful red VW beetle looks gorgeous using black, white, honey and vibrant green mixed bed flower stickers with butterflies and heart stickers

 custom website banner car sticker feet decals

Jan's looking after her feet, and letting her car do the walking! She has beautifully arranged pairs of feet and big scooby flowers along with a big banner we made for her.

hippie hippy van flowers fairy car stickers

The Fair Florence, a real work of art. A wonderful Hippie wagon covered in mixed bed flower stickers, fairy decals, and a Yeah Baby!

caravan splats and spiders transfers stickers

The amazing spidervan. Splats, Big spiders and webs, spiderman would be jealous of this van.

hibiscus flower racing checks car vinyl stickers decals

Lea's hibiscus checks look amazing. Click on this link to see more Hibiscus Checks

bicycle transfers bike rainbow flower stickers

Tiny mixed bed rainbow flowers, a really lovely effect . Click on this link to see more Tiny rainbow flowers

cow spots vinyl transfer

Love it, mooove it and groove it. Click on this link to see more cow spots

hippy motors smiley flower car stickers

Klimt curls and smiley mixed bed flower car decals, Lucy has the most gorgeous, roadworthy fun car.

hippy flowery vespa scooter decals stickers

Beautiful papaya flowers stickers and klimt curls decals, make this scooter gorgeous.

rainbow spider car decal stickers flower transfers

The amazing rainbow spider car, complete with wizz flowers car transfers, duck stickers and a rainbow decal

hippy motors people carrier flower car stickers decals 

Flower car stickers beautifully arranged by Julie for her gypsy palace in New Zealand

gecko checks smart car stickers decals gecko and checks smart car stickers decals

Gecko 'go slower' check vinyl transfers make Karl's smart Smart car. A great looking car.

hippie flower mon gazing hare triskel car van stickers  hippie flower car stickers vine and goddess car decals stickers

Spiritual car stickers with moon gazing hare make Lynsey's van is truely magical.

hippy flower camper van people carrier colourful stickers hippy flower camper van people carrier colourful stickers

We just watched Avatar (again) so the number plate seemed apt. Wonderful!

hippy motors feeling groovy peace flower car camper van sticker hippy motors feeling groovy peace flower car camper van stickers decals 

Thank you to Charon, Clive & kids for a beautiful camper van. Bliss indeed!

Ghandi peace car VW beetle sticker be the change decal

Beautiful arrangement of beautiful words, Ghandi's Be the change you want to see in the world car sticker

julia bradbury BBC countryflie car stickers decals VW stickers

Yes boys it's Julia Bradbury of BBC Countryfile really happy that someone added our stickers to the beige van

VW beetle flower car stickers hippy dude decals

Very effective work Clare (with help from her man). WE LOVE IT! Bertie with flowers and bra.

hippy wedding vinyl car flower vinyl car stickers fairy kiss camper van decals caravan transfers Hippy motorshippy wedding vinyl car flower vinyl car decals fairy kiss camper van stickers butterfly caravan transfers Hippy motors             Denise gave us the ultimate complement by decorating her car with our vinyl car stickers for her wedding day, ahhhh : )) She used big fairy kiss vinyl car stickers with curly vine and flower stickers

Hippy Motors VW beetle car flower stickers Peace and love decals.jpgHippy motors funky fab VW beetle car flower stickers decals.jpg

Hippy Motors South Africa : )) Karen's love & Peace Vw Bug xxx

VW camper van fab flower stickers decals

Immaculate Ester with VW fab flower car stickers

hippy peace wagon designs flower stickers

A beautiful van for sure and those kids agree. Dedicated to Jo

 sinclair C5 stickers eyes spider decals

Its a C5! Years ahead of its time and looking FAB.

hippy motors flower van VW stickers custom name sticker

The Magic Bus ready for Picos in Spain - enjoy it lads.

Hippy Motors VW camper van crazy funky stickers 

The famous 'Mellow Yellow BUS'. Roll on Joannie.

hippy motors cnd peace dove car stickers decals

Sue came back for more stickers!

Hippy Motors 2CV Citroen car stickers decals flower love peace stickers

I LOVE the 2CV!

cnd car stickers hippy chick flower VW decalscnd hippy car flowers funky peace stickers

Laura 's VW is just Fab, Funky and Flowery : )) She has used  Nina Butterfly car stickers withHippy Retro car flowers and CND fab car flowers

beautiful Toyota vinyl peace flower stickers hippy flower decals

Elizabeth took her flowery hippy car on a very 'Peaceful' trip : ))