Customers use our vinyl car stickers in the most unusual ways so I have compiled a gallery of customer photos to inspire others to decorate, go a little crazy and make their things unique.  Please feel free to try these vinyl graphics  anywhere, inside or outside, on any non-porous surface and you may be pleasantly surprised. These high quality car decals can be used as bike or bicycle transfers, mobile phone stickers, laptop decals, mobility scooter stickers, and toy cars, canoes, kayaks etc, etc. Please send us some photos to show us how you used your vinyl stickers.

flower stickers decals for baths and gardens hippy motors 

decorating an old bath, hippy motors style, using our mixed bed flowers.

boat stickers decals wakeboard boat graphics hippy motors.jpg

check to geckos car decals really enhance boats as well as cars.

tiny wizz flower bike stickers car decals hippy motors.jpgtiny wizz flower bike stickers car decals hippy motors gold.jpg 

Gorgeous little wizz bike stickers thanks to Leesa!

hippy motors surf guitar car sticker decal transfer.jpg 

Hippy Surfer fits perfect on this guitar : )) 

flower bicycle stickers hippy motors bike graphics.jpg hippy motors colourful bicycle flower stickers decals graphics.jpg

Guy's made his bikes so lovely with our bicycle flower stickers 

honda off road daisy flower quad stickers.jpg

See, anythng can look pretty if you put some daisies on it : )))

hey man surf canoe transfer surf kayak sticker decal.jpg

Kayaks and canoes look wonderful with hippy flower stickers,  apparently they keep the crocs and sharks away! 

sunflower letter box car sticker flower post box decal.jpg

Beautiful sunflower car sticker brightens up this letter box : ))

wheelie bin flower stickers decals.jpg

Funky fab Wheelie bin flower stickers.

rainbow flower car stickers decals post box.jpg

Funky little VW postbox covered in our tiny flowers : )))

bright hippy flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for little tikes push along decals

This Little Tikes covered with flower car stickers and hippy decals has added flower power to help it along.

bright hippy flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for poly tunnels and swimming pools

Angie had the fab idea of covering a poly tunnel with vinyl flower stickers , the smaller size flowers have stayed on really well, making this homemade swimming pool even more glamorous.

tiny CND flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for ukulele and guitars

Nev has covered his ukulele with hippy flowers and cnd symbol stickers giving extra pzazz. custom made pony stables name and flower vinyl stickers decals transfers

special little custom name stickers made for pony stables.

tiny vinyl stickers decals transfers for dr Marten boots

moon gazing hare decal sticker stuck on Dr Marten boot (I cannot guarantee it stays there a long time though)

funny slow flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for mobility scooter and wheelchairs

If you think this is slow sticker, placed on the back of a mobility scooter - brilliant idea

funky flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for kids toys and ride-ons

All our stickers, decals and transfers are great on kids toys, ride-ons, buggies etc

hippy decorative flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for kitchen cupboards

Beautifully decorated flower stickers, leaves and ribbon transfer decals on kitchen cupboards

tiny cool flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for mixers and blenders

Boring mixer made special with funky vinyl flower stickers

tiny whale and animal vinyl stickers decals transfers for laptops and mobile phones All our vinyl stickers, decals, transfers look great on laptops, this one has a Narwhal on it.

tiny decorative flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for jazzing up and cheering up crutches

Cheering up NHS crutches with tiny flower stickers - brill idea

tiny beautiful flower vinyl stickers decals transfers for kids wooden toys Noah's Ark

A lovely customer of mine decorates all his home made wooden toys with our tiny flower stickers.

jazzy flower vinyl stickers decals for washing machines, bright decoration transfers for twin tubs

Bright and cheerful flower and vine stickers for your kitchen appliances.

vinyl Brompton bicycle and bike flower butterfly  stickers

This Brompton looks extra chic with our tiny bicycle flower stickers.

kitchen cupboard vinyl decorative stickers flower decals butterfly transfers

A brilliant way to cheer up kitchen cupboards and make them totally unique, decorate them with vinyl flowers and vines, butterflies and leaves.

funky hippy bicycle bike vinyl stickers decals graphics for kids

Kids bicycle stickers make them unique and hopefully a little less tempting to steal.

milk churn poppy flower field vinyl car stickers

Cath has turned her plain milk churn into a work of art with our poppy field car stickers Poppy decals


The canoe above has a beautiful display of mega flower car stickers, splodge, daisy and wizz flower vinyls.

Its a C5! Years ahead of its time and looking FAB.

I scooter running on pure fairy dust and magic

carol's wheelchair dolphins never get dizzy.

A racing kayak with 'Go faster Flowers'.

Fab and Funky drum kit decorated with heart leaf vinyl car stickers and gecko vinyl car stickers with gecko foot print car transfers

The Chilly Lilley is the “coolest” ice cream bike around! She is decorated in splat vinyl stickers, and mega flower stickers and a Big greenman sticker which just look yummy.

Is it a fridge or a work of art?

Georgia is easy to spot on the river.

Rachel has added a moon gazing hare window sticker to her sky light.

Rose had the inspiration to decorate her craft trolley with heart and mixed bed butterfly flowers and hearts in hearts transfers - just


Benedict the first 'hippy stickered' kite buggy

Jen's hippy guitar.

Hello Tom. Invaders in the room.

The best looking helmet in France

On yer bike

A Gecko Telecaster. NICE!

Cricket, an English game that spread around the world. Zeppelin, an English band that spread around the world.

Hippy Boaters! We did the flowers, name and skull X bones. We are glad you are enjoying them.

Would you trust your daughter in this room?

Niall's surfing space rocket trailer...outstanding

These are NOT a stickers!!!

Smudge loves turtles and making a tatoo of our sticker sums up his repect for this amazing creature. Thanks Smudge.