Bumper pack of Daisy, Leaf and curl car vinyl stickers

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The Bumper pack of Daisy, Leaf and curl car vinyl stickers. This is a pack of flowers, leaves and klimt curls to help you brighten your vehicle, and get you noticed on the roads.

You get the following sheets:

crazy daisy car stickers transfers decals hippy motors 2  Medium sheets of daisies, 20 flowers; 4 @127mm, 2@85mm, 4@53mm, 10@35mm shown here in sky blue and lemon yellow

big daisy flower car sticker vinyl camper van decals caravan transfer  Large sheets of daisies, 6 flowers;  big flower is 190mm, the medium are 64mm shown here in purple and vibrant green

hippy motors klimt curl stem vinyl car sticker window decal camper van graphics.jpg2 sheets of A4 klimt curls, shown here in spring green

hippy motors two tone leaf vinyl car sticker camper van decals.jpg4 strips of two tone leaves in vibrant green and spring green (2 of each).

The flowers come covered in application tape, so putting them on is easy. All you need to do is put the centres in. Please watch the video below .

1st Daisy flower combination    2nd Daisy combo    Klimt curls colour   

alternative daisy colours
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