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Bumble bee car stickers

ID# bees

We've a pair of bees for you to adorn your motor and you put it together yourself. we've made the black bumbley bee and the yellow bumbley bee and you swap over the parts to create a stripy one. That way you get two one with black wings and the other yellow wings (like the picture).

They come in two sizes big and little, or you can buy 12 bees for cheaper : )).

bee car decals hippy motors.jpg

hippy motors bee car window stickers decals.jpg The little bees 60mm in size, one in black the other in yellow and you mix the stripes round to get the black yellow design.

hippy motors bee car window stickers decals.jpgThe big pair are 140mm in size.

hippy motors bee car window stickers decals.jpgThe GIANT pair are 270mm in size, you will need you to choose 'OVERSIZED' postage and packaging at checkout as I have to send these 'small package'.

ProductsOur Price
Pair of little bees£ 0.75
12 LITTLE bees£ 3.75
Pair of big bees£ 3.00
12 BIG bees£ 16.00
pair of GIANT bees, you will need you to choose 'OVERSIZED' postage and packaging at checkout.£ 6.00

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