Beanstalk Kit car sticker

ID# BSkit

The beanstalk car sticker, which can be constructed to go over 900mm (3") tall to snake up or even across your motor.  Designed for my son's old school library wall - Belton Primary

bean stalk kit.JPG You get a sheet of stem, leaves, root ball and curling growth to add as you like.

hippy motors bean stalk wall sticker camper van decals caravan transfer Tyler.JPG  You can connect beanstalks together to make them taller. This photo shows 2 beanstalk kits, one with vibrant green stalk and one with a spring green stalk, placed one ontop of the other.

hippy motors beanstalk with geckos car sticker camper van decal.JPGYou can add ladybirds, bees, dragonflies etc to enhance your beanstalk.

Sorry but no giant to grind your bones to make his bread.

Please Select UK oversize packet for Postage for the beanstalk 

Colour of beanstalk stem    Colour of beanstalk leaves    colour of curls   

Our Price: £ 18.00

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