Bat car stickers

ID# bats

Hippy Motors has bats! We also have them living in our roof & every night they fly out and eat the things that bite - funny how people are worried bats will bite when it's the peskie insects that are the real vampires.

We love our bats. Our bats are cute not scary. Our bats are happy. They don't have nasty teeth and angry faces. We hope you love them as well.

You get a few options.  With the flying you get two flying one way and another flying the other. You can choose the direction of the two.

Flying bats reduce in size and have wingspans of 185mm, 170mm and 150mm.

You can choose the colour you like them to be as well. Select 'SMALL' postage at checkout for these.


ProductsStockOur Price
Bats flying (2 right 1 left)947£ 4.00
Bats flying (2 left 1 right)985£ 4.00

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