Bargain set of Stars car stickers

ID# 3stars

Bargain sheets of star stickers for you to arrange around your motor as you want them.

You get a few size options small, medium and large. This is for you to order 3 sheets for cheaper. Either order 3 of Big, medium or small or MIXED, which is one of each size.

starsA4.JPG BIG, 27 stars per sheet,1@ 200mm, 4 @ 70mm, 2@50mm, 20 @20mm-40mm

starvinylcarstickersdecalsgolden.jpgMEDIUM ,28 stars, 5@100mm, 2@60mm, 21@20mm-40mm


SMALL 37 stars per sheet,  8 @50mm-70mm, 29 20mm-40mm 



ProductsStockOur Price
3 sheets Big 5 point stars983£ 9.00
3 sheets Medium 5 point stars976£ 9.00
3 sheets Small 5 point stars966£ 9.00
3 sheets MIXED size 5 point star- big, medium, small937£ 9.00