Bargain CND, Flowers, YinYang car stickers


Bargain CND, Flowers, YinYang car stickers.  With each pack you get:-

retro flower car transfer sticker lavender campervan decalhippy motors retro flower car transfer decal caravan sticker  MEDIUM, 24 flowers, 4@140mm, 4@65mm, 4@50mm, 12@30mm

cndvinylcarbumperstickershippypeace.jpg1 sheet of CND symbols,

Yin Yang car stickers Hippy motors vinyl decals.jpgand 2 sheets of Yin&Yang.

You can have the whole lot for a little cheaper £12.50 instead of £14.50!

Yin & Yang will come in black and white, unless you state otherwise in the box below, you can choose the 2 colours of flowers, the CND colour.

1st colour of flowers    2nd colour of flowers    colour of CND symbols   

alternative colour of Yin Yang
Our Price: £ 12.50

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