Banksy RAT with 'your say' car sticker

ID# Rat

Banksy RAT car sticker and you get to add the message you want on the placard.
You have a few options for the placard, they are...
Leave it blank
Add text on the placard.  Messages MUST be short. Keep within 3 lines with a MAXIMUM of 6 letters on each line.
Add a symbol
hippycarsymbolsstickersforbankstrat.jpg Select a symbol from the list & we'll put one on. symbols are; smile,cnd,heart,anarchy
Ratty is 240mmx120mm .

Colour    Placard symbol   

Placard text (if selected)
ProductsOur Price
Banksy rat blank placard£ 3.00
Banksy rat with own message£ 4.00
Banksy rat with symbol£ 3.50