Banksy Angel or Fallen Angel car sticker

ID# Bangel

Gorgeous Banksy image, known as 'Angel' but many know it as a 'Fallen Angel'.

What does Banksy Angel or Fallen Angel mean? It's a youth smoking & drinking, seemingly a bit down; nothing wrong with that so I suppose you read into it what you want. Maybe he's thinking 'I wish I was running around on a beach in the sunshine but I'm in an archway in London being judged by people instead'.

This sticker comes in three size options as well as left or right facing...

Small is 270mm by 190mm tall

Big is 380mm by 270mm tall POSTAGE MUST BE 'OVERSIZED' for this option.

Huge is 750mm by 530mm tall POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size.

Huge is so big it will come in two halves that you piece together. Easy enough to do.

Please choose your colour and direction he faces below.

Colour    Direction   

ProductsStockOur Price
Small Banksy Angel991£ 4.50
Big Banksy Angel - oversized postage required995£ 6.50
Huge Banksy Angel - oversized postage required998£ 10.00

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