Bamboo Kit car stickers

ID# Bambookit

Bamboo, the old bamboo la la la la la la the old bamboo. Create your own bamboo display on your motor or window with this very flexible and customizable design by our R&D centre at Hippy Motors HQ in the heart of the Hippy Sticker Industry in Torrington Devon.

You get a sheet of canes, two sheets of leaves (in a choice of colours) and 6 leafy tops (the same colour as the canes). Please select the colours you want and add to basket.

First put down a cane, add leaves and a top (if you want) and carry on. The Bamboo will be 500mm high and length will depend on how dense you display will be. As a guide the picture shows a display that is 500mm wide as well as tall.

Please Select 'oversize' for Postage for the bamboo kit.

Colour of cane & tops    1st sheet of bamboo leaves    2nd sheet of bamboo leaves   

Our Price: £ 18.00 (985 in stock)

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