About our family and business

We are Angela and Matt Whittaker, we started designing and making our own car stickers 12 years ago because we wanted to brighten up our own car.  Because people loved what we did we started selling them to all of you people out there who are tired of driving conventional looking vehicles, so you can do the same.
We live in North Devon and have a wonderful life shared with our kids, surrounded by nature on the edge of Great Torrington. 
hippy motors headquarters Torrington
We both work from home with Hippy Motors which works great for us and our children so we thank all our customers for supporting us to do this. We love you all!
Matt Whittaker at Hippy Motors car stickers Torrington DevonAngela Whittaker at Hippy Motors car design stickers Headquarters Torrington
hippymotors solar arrays
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I know this sounds corny, but we are not only running the business as a money making venture, Hippy Motors totally supports our family as our only source of income, and for this I am so greatful to all our customes.  However we do this because we believe our society needs more colour, more vibrancy and we need to send messages out to remind people about what we believe in, and what better way than through art. We think our decorated cars are definitely works of art! (I sound even more corny now!)
ultimate hippy motors combo car stickers canadian canoe decals and gypsy Vardo caravantotal hippy motors sticker combo, kayak stickers, canoe stickers,fiat multipla stickers and gypsy Vardo caravan
A colourful car makes a statement and also gets you noticed, so drive carefully! One good thing is that if you do have a bump, you can hide it behind a flower. (my husband still isn't suspicious as to why our car is covered in stickers)
So have fun! LOVE your car, and SPREAD some colour, flowers and joy on our roads!