1 metre long custom lettering

ID# bann1m

1 metre long vinyl car Banner custom lettering

Want to advertise or promote yourself? We can do 1 metre long x 300mm high (nearly 12 inches) with wording on it.

I can usually fit 2-3 lines of wording on each banner.

Use custom message for now if you can to type the lettering you want. If it is a bit more complicated then email us, or call us to discuss it.


The more information you give the more likely it is that you get what you want. It is possible to cut your banner up and place the wording as you like. We can add decoration to it as well to fill in gaps if you want. We can email a picture of what it'll look like before we make it if you want.

Banners come with an application film on the top for easier application so all vinyl letters go on together. 

Standard fonts are as below. If you have a specific font in mind you'll need to ask us if we can do it as some fonts are not suitable for vinyl cutting or we may not have it on our machine to use it.

Custom Font Guide.jpg

Colour    Font   

Banner details
Our Price: £ 20.00